VT910 Omni Earhanger Microphone


VT910 Omni Earhanger Microphone


The VT910 is a super-light Omni “earhanger” microphone ideal for applications requiring minimum visibility. Perfect for stage, broadcast, public address and presenters, the VT910 is flexible, with a lightweight contoured loop for a comfortable fit on either ear, and remains less apparent than a conventional headset.

The adjustable flexible mic “boom” and ear loop allows for a custom fit. Just apply pressure with your fingers up from the loop down to the capsule to fine-tune the fit until it's placed to your preference.

The VT910 has a moderate Hi-frequency emphasis at 10 kHz for clear, intelligible voice reproduction.

VT910 microphones can be delivered terminated with connectors for most popular wireless transmitters including Sennheiser, Shure, Sabine, Audio Technica and Lectrosonics.


VT910 Earhanger Microphones Feature:


  • Hand selected Omni electret capsule inserts individually tested for frequency response & sensitivity within low tolerances

  • Adjustable flexible mic “boom” and ear loop for custom fit on either ear

  • Moderate Hi-frequency emphasis at 10 kHz for clear, intelligible voice reproduction

  • Omni pattern is less prone to “popping” and wind noise than Cardioid headsets

  • Thin 2 mm diameter (2-wire) cable

  • Integrated sweat-blocking band to prevent sweat from reaching capsule

  • Selection of custom made accessories - (2) are included

  • Available in Beige

Included Accessories:

  • Windscreen (WS910)
  • Cable Clip
  • Travel Case