VT701 mkII Headset Microphone

VT910VT701 mkII Omni Headset Microphone


The VT701 is an ultra-lightweight Omni headworn microphone with an extremely miniature capsule head. It is ideal for applications requiring minimum visibility. Perfect for stage, broadcast, public address and presenters, the VT701 mkII has an adjustable, wire-thin headband for a nearly invisible fit on either ear, and is more comfortable for extended wear than conventional headsets.

The VT701 mkII collapses flat for easy transport and storage.

The cable is removable and can be easily exchanged to provide connector compatibility between different wireless systems.  This must-have design feature is beneficial for both rental houses and individuals who are presented with varying wireless systems.  Additionally, the ear spiral is detachable as well for easy cleaning and replacement.

VT701 mkII microphones are available terminated with connectors for most popular wireless transmitters including Sennheiser, Lectrosonics, Shure, Audio Ltd., Audio Technica & Sony.






VT701 mkII Headset Microphones Feature:


  • Hand selected Omni electret capsule inserts individually tested for frequency response & sensitivity within low tolerances

  • Adjustable length mic “boom” arm

  • Adjustable ear loops for custom fit on either ear

  • Detachable cable for easy replacement or to quick-swap cables terminated for multiple wireless types

  • Headset can be adjusted to lay flat for convenient storage and transport

  • Moderate Hi-frequency emphasis for clear, intelligible voice reproduction

  • Omni pattern is less prone to “popping” and wind noise than Cardioid headsets

  • Thin 2 mm diameter (2-wire) cable that is easy to “dress” on talent

  • Available in Beige


Included Accessories:

  • (2) Windscreens
  • Travel Case


VT701 mkII removable cable and (2) included windscreens  




Wireless Connector Terminations

Voice Technologies VT701 mkII headset microphones are designed to excel for performing talent in broadcast, theatre, House of Worship, public address and sound reinforcement. They are available with connector terminations for most popular wireless brands currently in use. The following are continuously available with immediate delivery:

  • 3-Pin Lemo for Sennheiser SK50, Series 2000, Audio Ltd. miniTX and most Zaxcom
  • 3.5mm TRS for Sennheiser Evolution wireless
  • TA5F for Lectrosonics Servo-Bias Inputs, SMa, SMV, SMQV, UMa & LMa. Essentially anything new
  • TA4F for Shure and Sabine
  • Binder 5-pin for Audio Ltd. En2 TXPH
  • 3.5mm TRS for Sony UPW and WRT-805