VT60M - Miniature Earphone


vt500 & vt506VT earphones have been designed for the inconspicuous listening requirements of newscasters, security professionals, stage performers and other talent requiring discrete cueing. They will interface with any wireless or hardwired receiver for monitoring with a 3.5mm input, for example, Lectrosonics R2 IFB, Sennhesier G3, Clear-Com and Telex IIFB systems.

The VT60M is a very small and extremely lightweight earphone that’s totally unobtrusive. It utilizes our subminiature 500 Ω magnetic driver placed directly in the ear canal with a special earpice fitting. It is connected with a thin 1 mm diameter wire that can be difficult to see in most applications. It delivers quality sound as well as isolation from outside noise. It’s equipped with a 3.5 mm mono T/R/S connector for most monitor devices (not for Comtek).

Available in Beige


VT60M Earphones Feature


  • High quality, subminiature 500 Ω magnetic driver

  • Totally unobtrusive

  • Driver placed directly in the ear canal with a special earpice fitting for isolated sound

  • Delivered in a case with (2) earpieces and collar clip

  • Thin 1 mm diameter cable that is easy to “dress”, rugged and sweat proof

  • 3.5mm T/R/S Right Angle connector (Not for Comtek)

  • Available in Beige


vt500 & vt506


Included Accessories

  • Modified Accordion Earpiece

  • Extra Modified Accordion Earpiece 

  • Collar Clip

  • Travel Case