VT602 - Stereo Earphone


vt500 & vt506The VT602 is a stereo version of the VT600. It is fitted with (2) Flexible Open Ear Inserts - the open frame design still allows the user to hear ambient noise, they fit without pressure entirely in the outer auditory canal. They are very comfortable even after many hours (e.g. professional camera operators and Directors), are hygienic being cleaned very easily. A set of Standard isolating earpieces are also included.

Available in Beige


Key Feature: short bend acoustic loop tubes, drivers lay behind ears for most clear sound - "Y" to straight cable.


VT602 Earphones Feature


  • Pair of high quality, subminiature 500 Ī© magnetic drivers

  • Benefits by having the drivers closer to ear for very clear sound

  • Delivered in a case with Open ear inserts and standard earpieces

  • Thin 1.5 mm diameter cable that is easy to “dress”, rugged and sweat proof

  • 3.5mm T/R/S Right Angle connector Stereo L/R

  • Available in Beige


vt500 & vt506


Included Accessories

  • (2) Open Ear Insert Earpieces

  • (2) Standard EarpiecesĀ 

  • Travel Case