vt506VT506 Miniature Omni Lavalier

The VT506 is a Swiss-made miniature Omni lavalier microphone that has the benefit of both professional sound quality and rugged durability. The VT506 provides a rising +6 dB frequency response from 5 to 15 kHz for clear reproduction of the human voice and ideal under clothing performance.

Upon closer inspection, you'll see understated enhancements that make these microphones have the best quality-to-price ratios on the market. The 1.5mm diameter cable is unmatched in its suppression of rubbing-noise from body movement. VT506 microphones are delivered with a choice of many popular wireless connectors in a waterproof mini Otter box with five custom body-mounting accessories. Also available in hardwired versions with XLR-3 barrel for +48V phantom power or A76/MS76 mini battery.


VT506 Microphones Feature


  • Hand selected Omni electret capsule inserts individually tested for frequency response & sensitivity within low tolerances

  • Rising +6 dB frequency response for clear reproduction of the human voice and ideal under clothing performance

  • Precision molded capsule head for long lasting durability and uniformity (DIM 13 x 7 x 3.5mm)

  • The cable jacket is molded into the head section strain relief - you can even tug on it very hard without tearing it

  • Super-thin 1.5mm diameter cable that is supple, easy to “dress” on talent and has extremely low noise transmission from rubbing

  • An integral filter provides efficient RF suppression

  • As a byproduct of the micro-grill design, they are suitably water “resistant”

  • Offer XLR-3 phantom adaptor options with the VT1126 and VT4026

  • Can be delivered as hardwired with XLR-3 powered by phantom adaptor or internal mini battery

  • Available in Black, Beige or White color

  • Large selection of custom-made mounting accessories - Five are included!

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VT506 shown with AC and PW VT506 shown with DM and PW Click image to see XLR-3 options




Included Accessories

  • Alligator Clip (AC)

  • Dracula Mount (DM)                 

  • Tie-Tac Clip (TT)                       

  • Pro Windscreen (PW)               

  • Rubber Body Mount (RBM)

  • Otter Box (VTO)

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VT506 microphones are available in Black, Beige and White


vt500 & vt506 vt500 and vt506 in 3 colors



Wireless Connector Terminations

Voice Technologies VT506 lavalier microphones are designed to excel for performing talent in broadcast, theatre, film, ENG, EFP, public address and sound reinforcement. They are available with connector terminations for most popular wireless brands currently in use. The three-wire design allows our mics to be connectorized and compatible with virtually any wireless transmitter. The following are continuously available with immediate delivery:

  • 3-Pin Lemo for Sennheiser SK50, Series 2000, Audio Ltd. miniTX and most Zaxcom
  • 3.5mm TRS for Sennheiser Evolution wireless
  • TA5F for Lectrosonics “Legacy” transmitters with their original input topology
  • TA5F for Lectrosonics Servo-Bias Inputs, SMa, SMV, SMQV, UMa & LMa. Essentially anything new
  • TA4F for Shure and Sabine
  • Binder 5-pin for Audio Ltd. En2 TXPH
  • 3.5mm TRS for Sony UPW and WRT-805
  • 6-pin Lemo for Audio Ltd. TX2040, TX2020 and TX2000