Surrround Recording Solutions

Schoeps offers microphone arrangements for almost every available surround recording technique. From the early days of multichannel sound recording, Schoeps has provided optimized solutions for a wide variety of multichannel surround applications. Due to this special competence, Schoeps offers individual advice in the selection and setup of the various components for our customers' recording situations. Our surround microphones are used in countless applications such as music and sport events, conferences, film sound recording, radio drama and EB.

Many surround microphone arrangements can be assembled with our standard microphones. Special accessories then allow for optimal usage of these microphones. Since there is essentially an infinite variety of ways to design a surround microphone arrangement, only a selection will be presented here. You can find further ideas and information in our Surround Brochure. The sophisticated surround user can find valuable technical information on the advancement of surround sound at



Double M/S Surround

”Double M/S” is an expanded version of the well-known M/S stereo recording technique. In addition to a front facing Cardioid or Supercardioid ”mid” microphone and a figure-8 ”side” microphone, a rear-facing directional microphone is set up. The front- and rear-facing microphones share the signal of the figure-8 microphone so as to form two complete, back-to-back M/S systems. One M/S system then provides the three front channels (the center channel signal being provided directly by the mid microphone of the front system), while the other system provides the two surround channels.

An arrangement of this kind allows flexible processing of the stereo surround image width and post-production adjustment for both of the M/S pairs.

WSR DMS LUSchoeps offers a selection of systems for Double M/S Surround. The most compact uses microphones of the CCM Series - WSR DMS LU. This version allows for easy use on a boom pole and has a small footprint even when enclosed in its windshield for outdoor use. Since it uses standard CCM microphones with special accessories, you’re awarded the added versatility of using the microphones for general use as well - a super bonus compared to a purpose-built designated surround-only microphone.

CMIT Double M/S Set The CMIT Double M/S Set uses a CMIT 5U shotgun as the front-facing “mid” microphone with the Figure-8 and rear-facing CCM microphones “piggybacked” on it with special clips. Versatility is at a peak with this arrangement and all fits nicely into a Rycote Stereo Windshield.

Schoeps offers an array of support accessories for implementing their Double M/S surround systems - Suspensions, windshields, special cabling, splitters and a matrix box. The "Double M/S Tool" plug-in enables customized, intuitive decoding of the three signals of the Double M/S system for RTAS Mac and VST Windows/Mac formats. The DMS Tool is available as a free download on the Schoeps website. Schoeps Double M/S Tool Screenshot

Schoeps Double M/S Tool Screenshot


OCT Surround

OCT SurroundOCT Surround is a five-channel recording method devised by Dr. Günther Theile (of the Institut für Rundfunktechnik GmbH), which does not use matrixing. In this approach, directional microphones are set apart at moderate distances (up to 1 meter), giving good separation between the front sectors L/C and R/C. It also offers good localization, a large listening area and a natural-sounding overall impression.

The OCT Surround arrangement can be facilitated with either Schoeps Colette Series or CCM Series microphones. A pair of Schoeps MAB 1000 1-meter stereo bars and a special bracket simplifies the implementation of the technique. The typical selection of microphones includes three Supercardioids, either 41's or 41 V's and two Cardioid 4's setup with user defined spacing variables based on desired results. 



ORTF Surround

ORTF SurroundORTF Surround recording method is a new system for the pickup of surround ambience. This microphone arrangement and its sonic characteristics are quite similar to those of the well-known IRT Cross method. Both the 360 imaging and the spatial impression are of optimal quality. This is achieved with a high degree of signal separation among channels, based both on arrival-time differences and level differences. Many Schoeps ORTF Surround setups were used in South Africa for the 2010 fútbol World Cup.

An ORTF Surround setup with Schoeps can be achieved with four CCM 41 L microphones and the special barrel cross-body with integrated Lemo connectors. The special cable uses the now standardized multi-core connector for surround microphones.

ORTF Surround offers a simple, plug & play solution for capturing surround ambience at sporting events and film shoots. Highly effective shockmounting and windshielding is available with a purpose built windshield and fur cover. For indoor applications, a B5D can be placed over each CCM 41 microphone.

WSR ORTF Surround Outdoor System ORTF Surround Outdoor with Windjammer

WSR ORTF Surround Outdoor System

ORTF Surround Outdoor with Fur Cover