Colette Series Microphone Sets

Colette Series Microphone Sets Microphone Sets are available as single microphone or stereo matched pairs packaged with accessories in a special wood box. Since there is tremendous extent of possible Colette System combinations, we designed these sets to simplify your selection process down to the most popular combos. Sets also provide some cost savings compared to buying all the items al la Carte. There is nothing different or special about the microphones in these sets - they are simply just a package with custom Schoeps Set boxes designed to house everything. Each Set is hand-prepared, quality assured, and packaged to-order at Redding Audio.

The CMC 6U is the default body of choice in all our Microphone Sets. For an additional upgrade cost you can choose the CMC 6 xt body version for 20 Hz to 40 kHz response when used with axially addressed capsules (Not side addressed like MK 8, MK 4V etc.). By special request we can also provide CMC 5U bodies as well in any Mono Set for the same price as the CMC 6U. We only recommend this for users who are integrating the new microphone(s) in with existing Schoeps that have a CMC 5U amplifier body. The CMC 6U's feature benefits, such as the RFI rejection and low-end response make it the best amplifier choice. Colette Mono and Stereo Sets are among the most popular items in the vast Schoeps range of products.


The Mono Sets

Mono Colette Microphone Sets comprise our most popular amplifier and capsule combinations with an SG 20 stand clamp and B5 popscreen in a custom wooden case. Choose from seven sets.

CMC621 Set         CMC6 amplifier with MK21 Wide Cardioid capsule
CMC622 Set         CMC6 amplifier with MK22 Open Cardioid capsule
CMC64 Set           CMC6 amplifier with MK4 Cardioid capsule
CMC641 Set         CMC6 amplifier with MK41 Supercardioid capsule            
CMC641C Set      CMC6 amplifier with MK41 Supercardioid capsule and CUT1 filter
CMC65 Set           CMC6 amplifier with MK5 Switchable Omni/Cardioid capsule
CMC68 Set           CMC6 amplifier with MK8 Figure-eight capsule

Set Upgrade Options: Substitute a CMC6 xt for a CMC6, a B5D for B5, ADD A20 or A20S, ADD Rycote InVision INV-7 Shockmount

CMC622g SET, Open Cardioid CMC64g shown with A20 Option

CMC622g SET, Open Cardioid

CMC64g shown with A20 Option


The Stereo SetsThe Stereo Sets

Stereo Sets comprise our most popular amplifier and capsule pair combinations with accessories in a custom wooden case. Amplifier bodies are sequential serial numbered and the capsules are factory matched for frequency response and sensitivity.

There are eight Stereo Sets to choose from with three options to upgrade a set. Stereo Sets already include the deluxe B5 D hollow popscreens as standard with SG20 stand clamp adaptors.

Shown: Wide Cardioid ST

Near Field Omni ST           
Universal Omni H ST         
Universal Omni S ST         
Wide Cardioid ST                             
Open Cardioid ST              
Cardioid ST                        
Supercardioid ST                              
Switchable-pattern ST       
(2) CMC6 with matched MK 2 Omni capsules
(2) CMC6 with matched MK 2H Omni capsules
(2) CMC6 with matched MK 2S Omni capsules
(2) CMC6 with matched MK 21 Wide Cardioid capsules
(2) CMC6 with matched MK 22 Open Cardioid capsules
(2) CMC6 with matched MK4 Cardioid capsules
(2) CMC6 with matched MK 41 Supercardioid capsules
(2) CMC6 with matched MK 5 Switchable Omni/Cardioid capsules

Stereo Set Upgrade Options:

Add (2) A20 or A20S Shockmounts or Add (2) Rycote InVision INV-7 Shockmounts

Choosing the perfect capsule and body is just the beginning. To enhance your microphone(s) please see our Accessories section for a portal to the seemingly endless array of support accessories for your Schoeps Colette Series microphone.  When navigating through the Schoeps website or catalog download, look for the Colette icon which identifies the accessories applicable to the Colette System and will help simplify the process for you.

Colette Stereo Sets inspection

All Colette Stereo Sets are delivered with an official Certificate of Matching for the MK—capsules.