CCM Compact Condenser Microphones

The Schoeps CCM Compact Series represents a benchmark in the miniaturization of classic condenser microphone technology. Schoeps was able to achieve their goals of producing an elegant, small microphone range without any compromise in quality.
CCM microphones can be used universally for any application that requires a condenser microphone of the highest quality.

CCM microphones are much smaller in length than the Colette Series. The capsules are identical to the corresponding Colette models, while the amplifiers follow the same circuit principles as a CMC 6 amplifier. The capsule and amplifier of the CCM ("Compact Condenser Microphone") form an inseparable unit in a single housing. The capsules cannot be interchanged as in the Colette Modular System. There are 18 different unique CCM microphones to choose from.

The true benefit of the CCM Series is for unobtrusive applications such as suspending the microphone over a choir in a theatre or house of worship, on a podium, for mini stereo setups and compact surround arrangements - to name just a few. The CCM 4 is very often used in the LARES Electronic Acoustical Enhancement systems. ORTF Surround arrays using CCM 41 L microphones were used to capture the Surround audio pickup at the 2010 World Cup.

CCM Versions: L and U

CCM's are available as two versions. The CCM L version has miniature Lemo socket with a removable 5 meter cable that terminates to a typical XLR-3. The CCM U version is slightly shorter in length, and has a hardwire 5 meter cable that terminates to a typical XLR-3 as well. Please note the CCM 5 is only available with a Lemo socket. All CCM microphones require 12V or 48V phantom power and boast a low-impedance balanced output circuitry that allows the use of microphone cables up to hundreds of feet long without interference. The self-noise is as low as that of the Colette System—absolute professional studio quality. When purchased each CCM microphone is delivered in a beautiful wood box and includes the miniature stand clamp SGC.

CCM row

The specific accessories of the CCM series offer the same versatility and elegant appearance as those of the Colette modular system. The RL extension tubes in particular are often part of the picture at prominent cultural events. The balanced, low-impedance output circuit of the CCM effectively prevents interference from affecting the signal. In appearance, the passive CCM extension tubes closely resemble the RC active tubes of the Colette modular system.


CCM2CCM Microphones Feature:

True condensers - do not require electronic frequency response correction
Balanced, low-impedance output
For universal use
Small and light
Boast extremely flat frequency response
Sound is extensively independent of directional pattern
Have low noise and distortion
Run on both 12 V and 48 V phantom
Can be used with very long cables (over 100 meters)
Matte gray non-reflective surface





For location audio, A CCM 41 L in a Rycote Mono Extended Ball Gag (XBG) offers a unique and highly effective miniature boom pole solution with maximum wind protection and shock isolation. The wind attenuation properties and suspension performance are that of a full sized Windshield System yet in a much smaller and lighter package - only 105mm x 170mm. 

CCM Lemo version compact microphones are often used in conjunction with normal size cylindrical microphones to create M/S Stereo and Double M/ S Surround setups. These setups are compact and lightweight while providing superb audio quality. The ability to house them in a Rycote Windshield System is immeasurable. Shown: CMIT 5U shotgun with CCM 8L via KMSC on Rycote Medium Mod Suspension with Connbox 8.


ccm4A Schoeps CCM will without exception be of small, single diaphragm design. The quality of design, technique and manufacture process of the capsule part of a condenser microphone is the crucial element in what separates great microphones above the rest. Schoeps benefits from having over 60 years of small diaphragm capsule production experience to perfect that elusive ability to manufacture with such consistent precision and superb audio specifications. All Schoeps CCM's are available as factory-selected "matched pairs" for a small additional cost.


Please go to our Accessories section for a portal to an impressive array of support accessories for your Schoeps CCM Series microphone. When navigating through the Schoeps website or catalog download, look for the CCM icon which identifies the accessories applicable to the CCM Series which will help simplify the process for you.