Schoeps produces a stunning array of accessories to support their microphones. There are three basic groupings for their accessories:     [Click on an image to see details at]

active accessories

*ACTIVE ACCESSORIES for the Colette Modular system - Includes cut filters, pads, extension tubes, goosenecks, remote cables and capsule swivels to name a few.

* "Active" means that these * accessories contain electrical circuitry, i.e. an impedance converter that connects directly to the capsule.

CCM L-exclusive accessories for the CCM Compact Series (Lemo), many of which mirror the Active Colette Series but are passive w/ Lemo connections.

General accessories apply to the broad range of Schoeps' microphone offerings. These general accessories include stand mounts, stereo bars, windscreens, popscreens, cables and table stands.

    When navigating through the Schoeps website or catalog download, look for the icons shown above. They identify the accessories applicable to each series of microphones to will help simplify the accessory selection process for you.
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Schoeps EMC Microphone Cables

Schoeps has long been a respected manufacturer of not only condenser microphones, but their remarkable offering of microphone accessories as well. Microphone cables have always been among these offerings. 
As with all our products we place great value on high quality, which to us means the best possible technical characteristics. Schoeps is not interested in superfluous features or the non-technical, mystifying descriptions that unfortunately are so common with "high-end" cables. The K EMC range is our newest cable contribution. They offer exceptionally good immunity to electromagnetic interference as well as other crucial elements.

There are several essential requirements that distinguish good cables in professional applications. The Schoeps K EMC range meets these requirements in an ideal manner.















  • It uses high-quality Neutrik XLR-3 "EMC" connectors - specially developed toprevent ground loops and combat "Pin 1" problems.

  • Its quad-lead construction is especially effective in resisting magnetic interference.

  • The low capacitance and series resistance permit the use of very great lengths when needed - hundreds of meters long.

  • Its robust electrical screen is cross-braided for improved coverage, with a graphite-coated inner mantle; both of these features shield the inner conductors optimally from radio-frequency interference.

  • It is only 4.4 mm in diameter, yet is very robust due to the multiple bundles of Kevlar fiber in its jacket.

  • It has no tendency to twist or untwist once installed; if you suspend a microphone from this type of cable, the microphone's orientation will be preserved.

  • It can be bent many thousands of times within a narrow radius if necessary, without breaking.

  • It remains particularly flexible in the cold, due to its polyurethane outer jacket.


The "Pin-1" Problem

Schoeps single-channel EMC microphone cables feature special interference-resistant connectors from Neutrik. Instead of the usual DC connection between pin 1 and the connector shell, EMC connectors use an array of miniature capacitors. This arrangement offers distinctly improved protection from RF interference and preserved HF response while simultaneously avoiding ground loops. This approach settles any controversy over connecting pin 1 to the cable shield once and for all. For quick identification, the plug and socket connectors feature contrasting nickel and black finish.

Schoeps EMC cables are available in standard lengths of 5, 10, 20, & 30 meters. Please contact your Schoeps dealer for a quote on special order lengths.