Windshield Kit MiniCMIT


Perfect for the SCHOEPS MiniCMIT - the new Premium Ultra-short shotgun mic

Light and robust, the Windshield Kit MiniCMIT is the most complete professional microphone windshield and shock mounting system available for this microphone*

*Also compatible with: Schoeps CMC641 [no CUT]



  • Genuine Rycote patented Lyre® technology for massive handling noise reduction

  • Broadcast industry standard Rycote basket windshield for stunning wind noise protection and superior acoustic transparency

  • Shortest length windshield available for the MiniCMIT

  • Premium, RF-shielded shortie XLR-F cable from our flagship CYCLONE range

  • Offset XLR adaptor on the outside of the shield to hold the Male XLR is firmly held in place

  • A 62-Shore & 72-Shore Lyre with non-slip, soft-grip rubberized treatment

  • Genuine Rycote Windjammer included

  • Included Boom Adaptor: Attaches to boom-poles via industry standard female 3/8” UNC brass thread attachment



Quick & Easy


Boasting a sleek profile, the shoert basket of the Windshield Kit MiniCMIT is the shortest and lightest full windshield system available for your Schoeps MiniCMIT and other compatible microphones like the CMC641.

The perfectly balanced shockmount is ready to go right out of the box to plug in your Mic and get to work.



Patented Lyre Microphone Isolation


Our patented Lyre suspension isolates the microphone, and together with a captive cable, significantly minimizes handling noise.

The Windshield Kit MiniCMIT suspension is the ideal solution for this specialized mic giving it the extra shock isolation it demands.

The perfect balance is achieved witha 62-Shore light Lyre up front and a 72-Shore Lyre in back.




RF Shielded Shortie-XLR


Technology from our Flagship Cyclone Series!

Windshield Kit MiniCMIT includes the Rycote 90° Shortie XLR Female inside the basket allowing for a greater degree of mic lengths to comfortably fit.

The connecter has an intergral RF Shield built into it to contribute to trouble-free use with condenser microphones in dirty RF enviroments.




Greater Wind Protection


For more extreme wind conditions the included premium quality Windjammer allows for top of the line wind attenuation performance and transparent audio transmission.





Boom Adaptor and XLR Holder


Included Boom Adaptor: Attaches to boom-poles via industry standard female 3/8” UNC brass thread attachment. The premium offset XLR holder adaptor borrowed from the flagship Cyclone range sits on the outside of the shield to holds the Male XLR of the mic tail firmly in place.