Softie Kit NTG


Perfect for all current RØDE NTG short shotgun models: NTG1, NTG2, NTG3, NTG4 & NTG4+


Quick and easy, the Softie Kit NTG is the quickest and most robust slip-on microphone windshield and shock mounting system available for your NTG microphone*

*Also fully compatible with: DPA 4017B, Neumann KMR81i, Sanken CS-3, Sennheiser ME66 K6, MKE 600 & MKH416



  • Genuine Rycote patented Duo-Lyre® technology for massive handling noise reduction

  • Incorporates industry standard genuine Rycote Classic-Softie, for proven toughness and excellent wind noise protection

  • One size for ALL Røde NTG short shotgun models: NTG1, NTG2, NTG3, NTG4 & NTG4+

  • Softie length only 9” and weighs only 60 grams!

  • Fast, effective and easy to use

  • Universal Shotgun Mount ideal for boom pole use

  • Perfect for low-profile on-camera use with included solid brass cold-shoe adaptor




The Original


The original slip-on, open cell foam with integral fur cover windscreen that has been relied on by professionals for over 30 years!

A Classic-Softie Windshield is constructed of acoustic, open-cell foam with integral synthetic fur cover. It has been engineered to provide excellent audio transparency while being tough enough for relentless use in harsh outdoor environments.



Patented Duo-Lyre Shockmount


Lyre Mount will hold your microphone and supply the best isolation against many forms of disturbances, which includes handling noise when handheld or used on a boom pole, and low frequency rumble and vibrations from camera motors.

The Duo-Lyre fulfills a 25% increase in effectiveness over the classic rubber-donut design and the cross-elastic methods by other brands.




On Camera


Provides excellent protection from wind, shock and vibration when capturing audio using shotgun microphones on a camera. The brass cold-shoe adaptor is indestructible and it’s special thumbwheels look into place for no-nonsense use.