Modular Windshield System and Kits

Rycote Modular WindshieldsThe Rycote basket style windshield represents the pinnacle of essential elements required to accurately isolate and wind-protect a microphone. All Rycote products encompass state of the art materials and real time-honored handmade craftsmanship resulting in the world’s best windshield and shockmount products.

Basket style windshields commonly referred to as “Blimps” and “Zeppelins” offer the best performance aspects in microphone windshielding. Beyond fur covering and screening, there are two key elements to their improved performance; the increased internal dead-air space around the microphone as a result of their larger diameter and that they completely enclose the microphone.

The Rycote Modular Windshield series is the most advanced and complete microphone windshield and shockmounting system in the world. Every element incorporates state-of-art-technology and over 25 years of ongoing development. Rycote Modular Windshields are beyond doubt the industry standard for professional Film, Video and Broadcast applications. They have been engineered to provide the utmost audio transparency, vibration isolation and maximum wind attenuation. Rycote products by design withstand relentless use in harsh outdoor environments.


Rycote Modular Windshields feature:

  • Lyre ClipComplete modular design in every aspect - From the modular suspension elements to the modular windshield design - Allows user complete control over setting up each component to suit their individual needs and extend length of windshield.

  • Uses Rycote’s patented “Lyre” technology, which is a revolutionary non-elastic microphone suspension web. The Lyre design gives ideal isolation for all cylindrical axial microphones like no other suspension technology before it. Unlike rubber or elastic suspensions the materials used in the lyres are unaffected by temperature, do not deteriorate and are virtually unbreakable.

  • The Modular Suspension - Complete control over the setup and balance of the suspension. Lyres can be attached to various places on the bar to ideally balance your microphone. Many parts of the suspension are consistent through different size systems allowing user to add an additional part, e.g. longer suspension bar to augment the system for utmost versatility.

  • A Rycote Windshield “On-Location”

    A Rycote Windshield “On-Location”

    Mono Suspensions include a Connbox for setup convenience, accurate interior cable dressing and to help further isolate microphone from cable-borne noise.

  • Modular Windshields and related components can be purchased a la carte and in all-inclusive complete kits.


Individual components of the modular system - Quick Links


Lyres | Modular Suspension | Modular Windshield | Hi Wind Cover | Windjammer | Full Kits



Lyres for Modular Suspensions

Lyres hold your microphone and provide the shock isolation. Some Lyres shown here are only available as pairs sold separately. Lyres can attach to various points of the Modular bar for optimal microphone balance. Windshield Kits and Modular Suspensions purchased alone include a pair of applicable Universal 19-25mm/MKH Lyres or Lyre Cradle Mounts on Large Suspensions.

As of 5/2012 most Lyres have been enhanced further with a soft-grip internal surface on the mic clip. The soft-grip won’t scratch the surface of powder-coated microphones and foremost helps prevent the mic from twisting or slipping. With this change the specific Sennheiser square MKH Lyre is no longer needed as the new Universal Lyres are engineered to handle both.

The standard individual Lyre Sets are available in three different hardness grades. The user can acquire additional Lyres to fine-tune the suspension for their tastes. Choose the soft Lyres for light, short microphones or the stiffer hard Lyre for longer or heavier microphones.

The different hardness grades can be easily identified by their new color combinations. The lower the number, the softer the Shore hardness. So 62 shore is softer that 72 shore, and 82 shore is the stiffest we make.


Visual Identifier for Rycote Lyres

  • Universal Lyre, Standard 72 Shore = Black with Gray soft-grip color
  • Universal Lyre, Heavy 82 Shore = Gray with Black soft-grip color
  • Universal Lyre, Soft 62 Shore = Black with Black soft-grip color
  • 30mm Lyre, Standard 72 Shore = Black
  • 30mm Lyre, Heavy 82 Shore = Gray
  • Lyre Cradle Mount Pair, Heavy 82 Shore = Gray with Black Cradle
Universal Black Lyre Uni Heavy Gray Lyre

Universal Standard Lyre - 72 Shore
For most 19-25mm mics and MKH Series

Universal Heavy Gray Lyre - 82 Shore
For heavy 19-25mm mics and MKH Series

lyre-62-shore 30mm Black Lyre

Universal Softer Lyre - 62-Shore
For lightweight 19-25mm mics

30mm Black Lyre - 72 Shore
For 30mm mics

30mm Heavy Gray Lyre Lyre Cradle Mount

30mm Heavy Gray Lyre - 82 Shore
For Heavy 30mm mics

Lyre Cradle Mount Pair
For very long Shotguns in Large Modular Suspensions




Modular Suspension

THE MODULAR SUSPENSIONRycote Modular Suspensions provide complete isolation against handling noise and cable-borne noises, by supporting the microphone in a cradle arrangement using Lyre suspension webs. The Lyres can be moved to various positions on the bar for complete customization and precision microphone balance.

Small, Medium and Large Modular Suspensions are available, with corresponding length bars. All other components are shared, including Rycote Pistol-grip with integral XLR holder for handheld or boom operation and low-profile boom adaptor (3/8" thread) with XLR holder. As of 5/2012 the redesigned XLR Holder will now easily handle the addition of plug-on transmitters.

A Connbox 1 is fitted as standard to most Suspensions for maximum reduction in unwanted noise. Using a Connbox breaks the transmission path of the cable-borne noise, and significantly reduces handling noise. For the best performance we only use ultra soft/flexible Mogami cable and gold pin Neutrik 3-pin XLR connectors. Modular Suspensions simply slide into the slot of the Windshield.


Image on right: Medium Modular Suspension




M1 M3

Small Modular Suspension

Large Modular Suspension





Rycote Modular WindshieldsModular Windshield & Extensions

The Windshield basket completely surrounds the microphone and its connector, sliding onto the Modular Suspension to provide up to 25dB of wind noise attenuation. This is the first layer of windshielding protection for your microphone.

The Modular Windshield is designed to work with the Modular Suspension, and forms an integral part of the Modular Windshield System.

The Windshield is a lightweight, durable basket made from flexible grey plastic netting with a screening material attached. The windshield slides on to the Modular Suspension surrounding the whole microphone, connector and suspension. This system creates a still volume of air around the microphone, which provides excellent wind-noise reduction of up to 25dB, with only minimal High-Frequency loss.

A Modular Windshield is comprised of: A Windshield body, two end caps, and in some cases extension pieces. The twist and turn locking end caps provide easy, secure and rattle-free on both ends of the windshield. Both end caps can now be removed, facilitating easier placement of the microphone inside the basket.

The modular nature allows the fitting of extension pieces, which extends the length of the windshield so that several microphones can be used. For example, a Windshield 5 is comprised of a Windshield 4 Body, an Extension 1 and two end caps, if necessary it can be used as a Windshield 4, by removing the extension piece.

Basic Windshields are available in two types, this page refers to 'Mono' windshields, which are designed to hold one microphone, and have a diameter of 105mm. 'Stereo' windshields have a larger diameter of 145mm, and house stereo suspensions designed to hold stereo/two microphones.

For increased wind noise attenuation a Hi Wind Cover or for maximum protection of up to 35dB, a Windjammer (fur cover) can be used over the Windshield.


The Windshield basket completely surrounds the microphone and its connector, sliding onto the Modular Suspension to provide up to 25dB of wind noise attenuation. This is the first layer of windshielding protection for your   Windshield 6 = combination of Windshield 4 and Extension 2

Both end caps can be removed


Windshield 8 = combo of Windshield 4 and Extension 4




The Modular System offers two types of covers for increased levels of wind


Hi Wind Cover™

THE HI WIND COVERThe next level of wind protection, the Hi Wind Cover is a high quality synthetic “fleece-like” cover that provides better protection against wind-noise than a bare shield. Its wind protection and transparency is not as effective as a Windjammer fitted over a Windshield yet less obtrusive. It is common, however not recommended, to use a both a Hi Wind Cover and Windjammer over a Windshield in extreme conditions. (Hi Wind Covers are not included in Full Windshield Kits)

Rycote Modular Windshields Windjammer™

The Windjammer is a high quality synthetic fur-cover, first introduced by Rycote, which provides the highest possible protection against extreme wind-noise. When using a Windjammer fitted over a Windshield up to 35 dB of wind-noise attenuation can be achieved, producing excellent standard audio recordings.

Each Windjammer fits one size of windshield, and comes supplied in every Modular Windshield Kit. Windjammers are also available in sizes to fit Stereo Windshields, Softies & Baby Ball Gags. Please see their relevant product family for details.

The Windjammer is made from materials that are specially designed and manufactured for this purpose, and as a result has virtually no adverse effect on High Frequency. To be totally effective it is important that the pile of the Windjammer remains in prime condition, so each is supplied with a fold flat hairbrush for ongoing maintenance. [Click here for care instructions]
Standard Windjammers are fitted with a drawstring and toggle to allow snug and easy fitting, however some users prefer the zipped version of the past, which are available as special order.

Sennheiser MKH8060-MZL in Modular Suspension WSTRANS

Sennheiser MKH8060 + CB-MZL in Modular Suspension

Windshield Levels shown with Transparency

Modular Windshield Kits

For convenience and cost savings Modular Windshields are also sold in complete kits. See price list for exact contents for each kit. All kits include a Suspension, Windshield, Windjammer fur cover, Pistol Grip Handle, Boom Adaptor, XLR Holder, (2) Universal Lyres or Duo-Lyre and Connbox.


Kit Description WS Length Order Code Notes
Modular Windshield 1 Kit 170 mm 086004 62 Shore Lyres
Modular Windshield 2 Kit 210 mm 086003 62 Shore Lyres
Modular Windshield 2-MZL Kit 210 mm 086050 For Sennheiser MKH8060, compact
Modular Windshield 3 Kit XLR-5 260 mm 086069 5-pin XLR Connbox
Modular Windshield 3 Kit 260 mm 086002  
Modular Windshield 295 Kit 295 mm 086009 MKH416/CMIT5U
Modular Windshield 4 Kit 330 mm 086001 MKH416/CMIT5U/CS-3/NTG3
Modular Windshield 4 Kit XLR-5 330 mm 086068 5-pin XLR Connbox
Modular Windshield 5 Kit 400 mm 086005  
Modular Windshield 5 Kit XLR-5 400 mm 086013 For Sanken CSS5 , 5-pin XLR Connbox
Modular Windshield 6 Kit 450 mm 086006  
Modular Windshield 6 Kit XLR-5 450 mm 086070 5-pin XLR Connbox
Modular Windshield 7 Kit 500 mm 086007 Two Duo-Lyre
Modular Windshield 8 Kit 590 mm 086008 Two Duo-Lyre
Modular Windshield 8J Kit 515 mm 086061 For MKH 8070
Modular Windshield 10 Kit 160 mm 086010 For Sennheiser MKH8040/8050 (MZX)
Modular Windshield 11 Kit 625 mm 086058 For Rode NTG-8

Full Modular Windshield Kits


Modular Windshield Sizing


  1. The cylindrical diameter of your microphone needs to be in the range of 19mm to 25mm. (or 30mm with the special 30mm Lyres, sold separately). Very heavy microphones should use Cradle Mounts/Heavy Gray (HG) Lyres, sold separately.


  1. Obtain the length of your microphone in millimeters and add 50mm (5cm) for the additional length of the XLR connector plugged into it.

Example: a Schoeps CMIT 5U is 21mm diameter by 251mm Length + 50mm (XLR) = WS 4

You want to be sure that the microphone be mounted centrally within the windshield, and not poking out into the end cap (dome) as this reduces the effectiveness of the windshield and its isolation from handling noise.