Mini Windjammer Fur Covers

Rycote offers a comprehensive selection of Mini Windjammer products for on-camera microphones, handheld digital recorders and to go over various microphones with foam windshields. Like all Rycote “fur” based products Mini Windjammers use top quality synthetic fur specially sourced and constructed to provide maximum wind protection and audio transparency.

Mini Windjammers (aka MWJ)

MINI WINDJAMMERS (AKA MWJ)If you use microphones outdoors regularly, you'll know that wind conditions are often bad enough that a simple foam microphone windshield isn't enough to prevent the sound of the wind disrupting your recordings. Rycote's benchmark products, such as the Softie kit or Modular Windshields are the best solutions for most microphones, but if you need to protect a built-in mic on a camcorder or handheld digital recorder, a Mini Windjammer may be your only option.

These simple, easy-to-fit products are made from synthetic fur designed to absorb the impact of the wind so that it doesn't reach your microphone and are available in a variety of types. In some cases a Mini Windjammer will have to be used directly on the bare microphone. Where possible, a MWJ used over a foam windscreen on a microphone will provide even better wind protection.

There are three basic categories of Mini Windjammers. MWJ for Cameras, MWJ for Handheld Digital recorders and MWJ over foam windscreens on standard microphones.


Mini Windjammers for Cameras/Camcorders

MINI WINDJAMMERS FOR CAMERAS/CAMCORDERSAffordable but offering excellent, effective protection against wind noise, our standard Mini Windjammers are easy-to-fit slip-on fur covers for use when recording outside with the built-in microphones found on portable cameras, external camera mics and handheld reporter microphones.

Some have 10 mm fur, while others have 25 mm Softie fur for use in more unsettled conditions, and can be fitted to a wide variety of devices.

Rycote MWJ's are used on all brands and types of video cameras including Sony, Panasonic, Canon and Ikegami. To find a compatible MWJ for your camera, go to Rycote's product search engine.

Mini Windjammers for Portable Handheld Digital Recorders

MINI WINDJAMMERS FOR PORTABLE HANDHELD DIGITAL RECORDERSRycote's Mini Windjammer range has expanded tremendously in recent years with the introduction of compact slip-on fur windjammers for the growing numbers of portable handheld digital recorders, as used by journalists, podcasters and broadcasters everywhere. These devices are now available in such a range of shapes, sizes and types (mono and stereo), that slightly different custom Windjammer designs are needed for each one; over a dozen types are currently available. If you make professional-quality recordings outdoors for TV, radio or film use on a handheld recorder, our Mini Windjammers will provide the much needed wind protection.

In early 2013 Rycote redesigned a couple of their MWJ models. The Zoom H4n and H2n have been improved with an even better fit and now have integrated internal foam.


To find a compatible MWJ for your portable handheld digital recorders, go to Rycote's product search engine.

Mini Windjammers for Foam Windscreens and bare microphones

MINI WINDJAMMERS FOR FOAM WINDSCREENSSpecifically developed to fit Mic Foam Windshields, our Mini Windjammers offer enhanced wind noise protection in low to moderate conditions.

Made of high-quality synthetic fur cover, the Mini Windjammer provides up to 10dB additional noise protection, achieving a total of up to 30dB wind noise attenuation when fitted over a Rycote Foam Windshield, with virtually no adverse effect on high frequency sounds.

The Mini Windjammer is available in a wide range of sizes to accommodate any type of Rycote Mic Foam windshields.

In Addition to the areas mentioned above, we do offer purpose-built Mini Windjammers for special microphones e.g. Rode NT-4 Stereo mic or the Shure VP-88 Stereo microphone.


Rycote Foam Windscreens - Product Overview

Rycote Foam Windscreens are exclusively engineered for Rycote and perform to the expectations one expects of a Rycote wind protection product. They are constructed from the highest quality foam material that is very sonically transparent and extremely durable. Foam windscreens are perfect for indoor use and outdoor applications with light wind conditions. In the studio, a foam-covered microphone will be moderately protected from vocal plosives.


Rycote Foam Windscreens Feature:

  • Made from high quality open-cell acoustic foam
  • Designed to protect the microphone head effectively against light wind and pop noise
  • Designed specifically to avoid high frequency roll-off while attenuating wind noise up to 20 dB.
  • Resist the damaging effects of moisture and UV light.


Rycote Foam Windscreens are available for the following types of microphones:

Shotgun Foam

Shotgun & Camera Mounted Microphones

Choose from 5 lengths in either two diameter hole sizes


Small Diaphragm Microphones

Small Diaphragm Microphones

Choose from 6 colors - Black, Gray, Blue, Red, Green & Yellow



Handheld Foam

Handheld and Reporter microphones

Choose from 3 sizes




Lavalier Foams

Lavalier Microphones

Choose from 3 colors - Black, Brown & Beige

Use with: AT 899, Countryman B3, EMW
DPA 4060, 4061, 4062, 4063, 4065, 4066, 4067, 4088
Lectrosonics M152, PSC Millimic, Tram TR-50
Sennheiser MKE-2, ME2, ME102/104/105
Shure SM93, WL50, WL51, Sony ECM-77B
Sonotrim STR, Voice Technologies VT500, VT506

Also available with a waterproof Neoprene coating

Ultra-thin cylindrical Lavalier microphones

Ultra-thin cylindrical Lavalier microphones

Ideal for the Sanken Cos11, Black only


Also available with a waterproof Neoprene coating




Large Diaphragm Microphones

Large Diaphragm Microphones

Choose from 3 sizes - Large, 103 & 102