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InVision Studio Universal Shock Mount The Rycote InVision Studio USM is an indestructible, universal microphone shockmount that out-performs expensive elastic suspensions...

The InVision Studio Universal Shock Mount provides revolutionary technology for mounting practically any microphone with a diameter of 18-55mm (USM-VB for larger 55-68mm mics). A single InVision USM model can effectively take the place of multiple, model-specific, elastic microphone suspensions while effectively providing better performance. This discreet, low profile mount uses Rycote's patented "Lyre" suspension system, which does not use any rubber or elastic components to isolate the mic. The special design shape of the clips allows for a specific compliance to the microphone, and thus prevents handling noise and vibrations from reaching the capsule. This Lyre design, used across our entire range of products gives unparalleled isolation for microphones.

In vibration testing, the InVision™ Studio Mounts provided up to 12dB more isolation than elasticized mounts! The suspension of InVision™ will never need rethreading, and because the Lyres are made of the composite material Hytrel, they are virtually unbreakable.

A Better Microphone Suspension - Choose From Three Models

InVision Studio USM-L Lite InVision Studio USM

InVision Studio USM-L Lite

InVision Studio USM

InVision Studio USM-VB

The InVision™ USM and USM-L will fit any microphone from 18 to 55mm in diameter while the USM-VB is for larger 55-68mm mics. This includes models with round, flat-sided and tapered barrels. Four precision-made stainless steel screw clamps with soft rubber adjustable pads, hold the microphone giving you total confidence in any mounting orientation. Choosing your InVision™ Studio Mount will depend on your application. If as a vocalist you intend only to use the microphone in a vertical orientation, you will find that the best isolation is often achieved with the Lite version (Softer Red Lyres). To realize the utmost in versatility, the USM standard mount, equipped with stiffer black lyres will also allow you to tilt your microphone in many various angles, e.g. Drum Overheads, even the more heavy microphones. Both models have an integral cable clamp, a swivel base threaded for 3/8-inch stands, and each includes a 5/8-inch brass stand adapter for typical U.S. microphone stands.


Rycote InVision Studio USM Shockmounts feature:

  • Fits virtually any microphone with a diameter of 18-55mm (0.7”-2.2”) or 55-68mm (USM-VB)
  • Unmatched in preventing handling noise and vibrations from reaching the capsule
  • Accommodates mic models with round, flat-sided and tapered barrels
  • Four precision-made, adjustable stainless steel screw clamps with soft rubber pads, securely hold the microphone, yet can’t be over tightened - no surface marring of expensive microphones
  • Provides up to 12dB more isolation than elasticized mounts!
  • Eliminates the need for several model-specific shockmounts for your various microphone models
  • Will never deteriorate or need rethreading, Lyres are virtually unbreakable and performance is not influenced by temperature or moisture.



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In-Use Application Suggestion

Shown: Application suggestion for deciding on which USM will best suit your needs. The standard USM will be the most versatile in use while the USM-L Lite offers a bit more isolation with most microphones - use the Lite only vertically when mic is over 400g.

InVision USM - Horizontal or Angled InVision USM-L Vertical Only
Graph USM-L

Shown: Graph detail showing how well the USM-L isolates the Neumann TLM102 microphone. A group of factors influence the performance of a USM from mic to mic. Generally the larger mass and diameter microphones will show the most benefit of the technology. Click for demonstration.


Mic CompatibilityTHE SPECS - USM

Universal Studio Mount Light (USM-L)
Order Code: 044903

Universal Studio Mount (USM)
Order Code: 044901

Universal Studio Mount (USM-VB)
Order Code: 044912

Suspension weight: 154g (34.0 oz)
Overall diameter: 120mm (4.72")
Length: 170mm (6.69")
Depth: 70mm (2.75")
Suspension rotation: 175
Thread: Brass: 3/8" & 5/8"
Mic diameter allowance: 18-55 mm or 55-68 mm

Rycote Universal Pop Filter - Product Overview

Pop filterThe Rycote Universal Pop Filter is specially made to provide superior microphone pop-protection for studio vocal and voice-over performances. The custom acoustic foam mesh material has no influence on frequency response while effectively dispersing annoying peak-inducing “P” plosives.

The filter’s ergonomic frame presents an appealing aesthetic quality and allows for the many variations of mic grill sizes for complete coverage. 

Pop filter 2

The rubber grip-pads are engineered also to seamlessly attach to wire frame mounts like the EA87 and EA1 shockmounts for example.

It is ideal for our Rycote USM mounts and will also clamp to almost any “spider” type elastic shock mounts on the market making it truly universal.

The Pop Filter clamps onto the outer base ring of the suspension with an adjustable thumbscrew providing a no- compromise grip. The design eliminates the need for cumbersome goosenecks. This approach sets up the ideal spacing between the filter and the diaphragm of the microphone.

The foam insert of the Pop Filter is effortlessly removable and replaceable. When purchased the filter comes with an extra foam insert included and additional filter sets can be purchased separately. The biggest benefit of this feature is related to hygiene issues. For example, commercial studios can easily pop-out and clean the foam in between clients and ultimately replace when needed.

The Specs - Pop Filter

Suitable for Microphone shock-mounts with outer ring diameters between 1/8" (3mm) and 1/2" (12.5mm), Order Code: 045001
Width: 130 mm (5.12")
Height: 155 mm (6.10")
Filter Weight: 45 g (1.6 oz)
Foam Thickness: 10 mm (0.39")
Distance from mic:  ø70 mm (2.75")
Rotation:  360
Minimum clamp:  3 mm (1/8")
Maximum clamp:  12.5 mm (1/2")


More on Universal Pop Filters at rycote.com

Rycote InVision™ Studio Kits

RYCOTE INVISION™ STUDIO KITSThe InVision Studio USM mounts and Pop Filter can be ordered as a complete Studio Kit packaged together in a single box. This simplifies ordering and offers cost savings compared to the items a la carte for anyone who wants both products.


InVision Universal Pop Filter + InVision USM Studio Kit
Order Code: 045002

InVision Universal Pop Filter + InVision USM-L Studio Kit
Order Code: 045003

InVision Universal Pop Filter + InVision USM-VB Studio Kit
Order Code: 045005


Microphone and cable not included