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Developing the new capsule for the V4 U Studio Vocal Microphone
Learn about the "Sonic Ideal" concept for the V4 U's capsule design and electronics

Microphone Techniques in Sports Broadcasting
Learn about techniques for microphone types, arrays and placement used in sports broadcasting

SuperCMIT 2U Input Device Options for Use
Details on specific digital gear and their features that can be used with the SuperCMIT microphone

Basic Knowledge For Microphone Users
A must-read for anyone who uses condenser microphones

Basic Care for Schoeps Microphones and Notes on Humidity
Notes on how to clean your CMC- contacts and what causes noise in humid environments

A Note about Overload when using Condenser Microphones
Troubleshooting guide for dealing with overload in your recording chain

Schoeps Cable Specifications
See details for Schoeps' exceptional professional quality cables

Schoeps Gooseneck Overview
Visual comparison chart for Schoeps' gooseneck offering for Colette and CCM_L series

Remarks on Phantom Power
Some interesting facts about the history of +48 VDC phantom power

The Feeble Phantom (Power)
Technical data on phantom power and problems that occur when a phantom power circuit is not designed according to the prevailing DIN standard.

Overview of Stereo Techniques
A must-read for anyone who records with common stereo techniques

M221B Manual (popular vintage tube mic from the '50's)
Basic information supplied with this vintage microphone years ago

Pin-outs for Tuchel to XLR Cable for NT221 Power Supply
Details for wiring or repairing a Tuchel to XLR NT221 cable


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Updated List of Microphones for InVision Studio USM range - including USM-VB
Specifies microphone weight & dimensions and recommended USM shockmount for each microphone

Available Rycote product chart for Sennheiser MKH 8060 and 8070 microphones
Specifies order codes, product descriptions and details

3/8" Threads - What's the difference between UNC and BSW?
Tech File about 3/8" Thread Specifications on Rycote Products

Rycote Wind Noise Reduction Figures
Windnoise reduction details for Rycote windshielding devices with a comparison graph

Aligning Coincident Stereo Microphones
A brief guide to aligning coincident stereo microphone systems

The Stereophonic Zoom
A seminal paper on stereo recording angles and the control of stereophonic images by microphone positioning

MMAD - Multichannel Microphone Array Design
Extending the concept of stereo recording angles to Surround Sound Recording

The Rycote “Lyre”
Technical notes on the performance of this ground breaking technology for isolating microphones

Rycote Boom Pole Dismantling Instructions
Visual reference & instructions for removing collars for cleaning


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Voice Technologies Lavalier Comparision Chart
A quick guide to features and specifications of Voice Technologies lavalier microphones

Voice Technologies Shortcut Wiring
A quick guide to the most popular wirings of VT microphones for common wireless transmitters


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