SPLITMON 2 | Two Camera Splitter + 3 Mon Returns






The SPLITMON 2 allows you to feed two and monitor up to three camera decks from any field mixer with line levels outputs. Utilizing cabling from the popular ENGH M3 7-pin Quick Release Cable System the SPLITMON 2 is a saviour on multi-camera shoots. SPLITMON 2 is especially useful for the Sound Devices 633 doing 2 or 3 camera jobs.

Custom transformers provide isolation and proper impedence matching. Ground lift switch is provided for the "B" output to help prevent ground loop hums and buzzes.

Listen to the program audio or individual tape monitor returns with ease. The Splitmon's premium quality rotary switch is sealed and extremely quiet with smooth action.


SPLITMON CONCEPT - The idea grew out of a need to integrate cabling and transformer isolation to multi-camera setups. Earlier SPLITMON designs were reliably in use by Peter on-set as early as 1988!


Requires cabling of the ENGH M3 7-pin Quick Release Cable System:

TWO Camera Setup

(1) M3 7-pin Quick Release cable set for "A" Camera
(2) M3 7-pin Extension cables (18', 25', 30 or 50')
(1) M3 Camera end for "B" camera

THREE Camera Setup (Setup for SD 633)

(1) M3 7-pin Quick Release cable set for "A" Camera
(2) M3 7-pin Extension cables (18', 25', 30 or 50')
(1) 633/Splitmon 2 M3 Mixer End (2 x TA3F and 1/4" return)
(2) M3 Camera ends for "B" and "C" cameras


SPLITMON 2 Features:

  • XLR 7-pin connections for I/O 

  • Ideal for the Sound Devices 633 and also the 664, 552, 302, Zaxcom and more..

  • LINE LEVEL capacity; up to +24 dB

  • 1/4" TRS Jack for Heaphones, returns may also be monitored through this jack

  • 1/4" "C Input" jack for connecting a return monitor feed from a Third Camera

  • Environmentally sealed, super quiet rotary monitor switch

  • Heavy duty construction, tough wrinkle powder coat finish with laser engraved markings

  • No power required - passive design

  • Dimensions: 4.5” x 3” x 1.5"

  • Weight: 12 oz.

  • Handcrafted in USA by Peter Engh

Simplicity: Toggle between (2) or (3) camera returns with the turn of the monitor rotary switch

Super-quiet Toggle Switch for the 3 returns
Includes a recessed Trim for Return B

A special 633/SN2 M3 Mixer End is available to do Send/Return of (3) Cameras with the Sound Devices 633 - Code: PE-1058 Flowchart showing the setup for a (3) camera shoot with a Sound Devices 633 field mixer


Field Use Notes for SPLITMON 2:



Set-up and breakdown is so easy you'll smile every time you use it. When the producer walks in and makes changes in your set, you simply unplug 7-pin cables and rearrange.



With transformer isolation, each camera deck has its own feed. The mixer outputs are properly loaded and the camera inputs are well matched.



"Lift" means to "break" or "cut" part of the ground circuit. When feeding a second or third camera there may be more than one ground path. This happens when you add BNC cables and AC powering to an already complicated audio circuit. Buzzes and hums are the result of these multiple grounds acting as antennas or noise pickups. Dimmers for lighting are notorious noise generators that prey on these complex cabling situations. A ground lift switch gives you a tool for reducing or eliminating unwanted noise.

What's the normal position of the switch? Usually you will start with the ground connected, or non-lifted. Listen to the return and select the seeting with the least amount of noise.


Words of Wisdom "On the Road"


"If you find a great restaurant the first night, keep on going back"

"If you use a SPILTMON you might have time to eat"