TX1010 DIGITAL Belt Pack Transmitter



A small pocket fully Digital transmitter that's been specially designed for wireless use in all segments of production sound. The TX1010 offers selectable RF output power, Encryption, Impressive RF range, multi-channel optimization and up to 90 MHz switching bandwidth. Machined out of solid high-grade aluminum with a hinged lockable battery compartment for two AA batteries. A Built-in Micro SD card slot will allow for convenient future firmware updates.

Menu & Bluetooth

The intuitive easy access menu uses an Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) display which is extremely clear yet consumes very little power. All parameters are set by three pushbuttons on the front of each unit. Important functions can be adjusted remotely via Bluetooth with our free TxApp™.

Mic Input

The mic input is via a durable LEMO™ 3-pin locking connector and provides powering for most electret lavalier microphones and also accepts Line Level input sources. Also includes a special bias pin for Schoeps CMR cable


Powered by two 1.5V AA type battery which provides up to 5 hours continuous use depending on battery type, Lithium type is highly recommended.


  • up to 90 MHz Switching bandwidth in 25k steps [region dependant]

  • 470 - 608 MHz operating range, via 2 frequency blocks [USA and CANADA]

  • Audio Ltd Proprietary Digital Modulation, 2 ms end-to-end delay

  • OLED display and Audio Easy Access Menu

  • Encryption, User settable Audio Ltd Proprietary

  • Adjust key TX parameters remotely via Bluetooth with free TxApp™

  • RF output power: 50 mW, 20 mW or 5 mW, Selectable

  • Built-in Micro SD card slot for convenient future firmware updates

  • 3-pin locking connector [like miniTX, Sennheiser SK- and Lectro SSM]

  • Accepts Mic or Line Level sources and the SCHOEPS CMR amplifier

  • 5 Low Cut settings; flat, 50Hz, 80Hz, 120Hz, 200Hz

  • Frequency Menu can be organized by broadcast channel with sub-menu fine frequency tuning

  • Weight: 104g

  • Dimensions: 83 x 64 x 18 mm

  • -10°C to +55°C Operating temp range

  • Compatible with Audio DX1010 Digital Receiver

  • Available without microphone or with Voice Technologies™ VT500 Lavalier

  • Made in the UK


Microphone Input is the industry standard LEMO 3-pin locking connector found on Audio miniTX, Sennheiser SK- Series and Lectrosonics SSM]


Solid hinged Battery compartment protects On/Off button and holds (2) AA size batteries. Also includes Micro-SD slot for future firmware updates




1010 TxApp


The 1010 TxApp is is a downloadable app for Audio’s 1010 digital wireless microphone system. It had been designed to give sound recordists using the 1010 system greater flexibility both on location and in the studio by allowing them to control various settings on the TX1010 transmitter remotely via a Bluetooth connection.

In its current form, the simple interface controls the following parameters:

  • Allows the user to place TX1010 transmitters into standby

  • wake the unit back up without the need to physically touch the artist or presenter

  • Allows the user to assign a unique name to each transmitter. This name is also transmitted to the DX1010 receiver via the metadata in the digital modulation signal. The app can display a number of transmitters on screen

  • Adjusts the microphone gain remotely

  • Allows selection of the LF cut function



Lavalier Microphones


TX1010 Transmitters are available without microphone or with a Voice Technologies™ VT500 Lavalier. Popular Lavaliers and Headsets like Sanken, DPA, Tram and Countryman can all be wired up with a LEMO 3-pin connector by your dealer.

The VT500 is supplied with an Otter Box and (5) Lavalier accessories.






Frequency Range

470 - 608 MHz operating ranges via TWO frequency blocks

Switching bandwidth

up to 90 MHz in 25kHz steps [Actual is 90 MHz in USA & Canada]

Frequency Blocks

A = 470 - 548 MHz (78 MHz span)


B = 518 - 608 MHz (90 MHz span)



User selectable frequencies

Selectable by broadcast Channel, sub-frequencies and in 25kHz steps

Output power

5 mW, 20 mW or 50 mW nominal, selectable

Modulation mode

Audio Ltd proprietary digital modulation


User settable, Audio Ltd proprietary


Bluetooth enabled for TX parameter control with AudioLink™ App

Audio frequency response

40 Hz – 20 kHz

Total harmonic distortion

<0.1% typ.

Audio gain control

0 to 40dB (in 10 steps)

Input connector

LEMO™ 3-pin screw locking, Mic/Line with bias for lavalier mics and special bias pin for Schoeps CMR cable


OLED, White on Black


3 pushbutton selectors

Low Cut Filter

5 settings; flat, 50Hz, 80Hz, 120Hz, 200Hz

Battery type

2 x 1.5V Alkaline LR6 AA size

Battery life

up to 5 hours depending on battery type and RF power selected (Lithium recommended)

Operating temperature range

-10°C to +55°C


104g (without batteries)


83mm (W) x 64mm (H) x 18mm (D)

Lavalier Microphones

Can power most lavaliers and can be delivered w/ Voice Technologies VT500


Includes special bias pin for use with SCHOEPS CMR amplifier with LEMO 3-pin