DX1010 DIGITAL Receiver



A fully digital and modular wireless receiver made from durable precision machined aluminum. Designed for use in all segments of production sound offering impressive RF range, wide bandwidth with multi-channel optimization. It provides digital Encryption, Sound Devices Superslot™ compatibility and use in 25-pin Panasonic™/Ikegami™ Camera slots, over the shoulder bag setups and multi-racks.


The intuitive easy access menu uses an Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) display which is extremely clear yet consumes very little power. All parameters are set by three pushbuttons on the top of the unit. The screen can be flipped 180º for best viewing angle when in a rack or if in a bag setup.

Maximum Ratio Diversity

RF "Range" performance on 1010 is comparable to some of the world's best performing analog wireless systems.

Output & Powering

The output is selectable balanced analog or AES balanced digital. Select 25-pin D-Sub or Stand-alone adaptor. It can be easily swapped back in forth with its modular bottom design. The DX1010 Accepts external 6-18V DC by either the 25-pin or a DC connector on the cable assembly.


  • up to 90 MHz Switching bandwidth in 25k steps [region dependant]

  • 470 - 608 MHz operating range, via 2 frequency blocks [USA and CANADA]

  • Audio Ltd proprietary Digital Modulation, 2 ms end-to-end delay

  • OLED display and Audio Easy Access Menu, shows TX battery status

  • Encryption, User settable, Audio Ltd Proprietary

  • Modular Adaptor Design: Swap between 25-pin Superslot™/Panasonic™ or Stand-alone cable assembly

  • Maximum Ratio Diversity

  • Scan for free channel and broadcast channel scan

  • Output Level: adjustable at 0, -12, -24, -36 dB

  • AES Digital and Analog Output

  • Powered by 6-18V External DC (6–18V DC,120mA @ 12V)

  • Frequency Menu can be organized by broadcast channel with sub-menu fine frequency tuning

  • Weight: 180g

  • Dimensions: 124 x 68 x 18mm

  • -10°C to +55°C Operating temp range

  • Compatible with Audio DX1010 Digital Transmitter

  • Digitally controlled front end tracking filters

  • Made in the UK

The DX1010 housing is precisely machined from high-quality durable aluminum and is super lightweight

Three pushbuttons to control all parameters of the DX1010

The intuitive easy eccess menu uses a crystal clear OLED display



Wideband Frequency Blocks

The 1010 Digital System is available in the U.S. and CANADA in TWO wide frequency bands or "blocks". Frequency Range A spans 78 MHz from 470.000 to 548.000 and Frequency Range B at 90 MHz from 518.000 to 608.000 MHz. With the looming auction of the 600 MHZ spectrum by the FCC we will not be offering a third band that would cover the area up to 698 MHZ.




Stand Alone Adaptor has durable hardwired cables to XLR-3M (or TA3F) and Hirose 4-pin for DC power


The Stand Alone Adaptor can be be swapped with the 25-pin D-Type SL-6 and Panasonic cameras in seconds


The DX1010 display also shows some transmitter parameters, temperature and DX supply voltage


DX1010 with 25-pin D-Type shown with Top Plate to mount in Sound Devices SL-6 and Panasonic cameras



The DX1010 Display


The screen can be flipped 180º for best viewing angle
when in a rack or if in a bag setup. This is done by holding
the outside buttons down for two seconds.

LED's show power, TX battery & diversity reception.






Modular Output Adaptors


DX1010 receivers are modular and can be delivered with a 25-pin D-Sub bottom plate for Panasonic™ / Ikegami™ camera slots and Sound Devices Superslot™ use. It can also be fitted with a cable assembly plate with an XLR-3M [or TA3F] output connector and Hirose 4-pin for external DC power for use in over-the-shoulder "soundguy" bag setups.

The adaptors are available as accessory options and can be quickly swapped in the field to adapt to any situation.







Frequency Range

470 - 608 MHz operating ranges via TWO frequency blocks

Switching bandwidth

up to 90 MHz in 25kHz steps [USA & Canada]

Frequency Blocks

A = 470 - 548 MHz (78 MHz span)


B = 518 - 608 MHz (90 MHz span)



User selectable frequencies

Selectable by broadcast Channel, sub-frequencies and in 25kHz steps


Digitally controlled front end tracking filters

Scan modes

Scan for free channel and spectrum scan

Modulation mode

Audio Ltd proprietary digital modulation


User settable, Audio Ltd proprietary


Maximum Ratio Diversity

Audio frequency response

40 Hz – 20 kHz

Total harmonic distortion

<0.1% typ.

Output Level

0dB, -12dB, -24dB, -36dB (selectable)

Output connector

25-pin D-Sub Superslot™ and Panasonic™/Ikegami™ or cable assembly


OLED, White on Black, 180º flip for best viewing angle


3 pushbutton selectors

Analog audio output voltage

+ 10dBu max. (Balanced)


6-18V External DC (6–18V DC, 120mA @ 12V)

Operating temperature range

-10°C to +55°C




68mm (W) x 124mm (H) x 18mm (D)